The Company

Our Goal

Our goal is to shine a light on an often overlooked group of talent by providing high quality press opportunities and guidance to our select group of clients.

Our Story

Elle Media Group has 15+ years of experience working with creatives within the entertainment industry. Since 2005, EMG has assisted their clients in securing quality press that accurately reflects who they are as an artist while expanding their audience and digital footprint. Being a proponent for positive change within the industry, we have taken our first-hand knowledge of managing “street teams”, fan-clubs and everything in between to create a company that delivers on its promise.

Our Values

In an industry where morality and values are not taken seriously, we aim to provide an authentic and respectful environment for our clients. We create a space that allows them to express themselves, their dreams and anything that might help us better understand who we are working with; at all times. The ability to grow and not be pigeonholed to a specific version of yourself is an integral part of creating amazing art; and we value that. We see our projects through to the end; ensuring that our clients do not feel lost during, what for most, is an incredibly scary and overwhelming experience.