Why new artists struggle to grow audiences

Being a creative person is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Once someone decides to share their passion with the others, you would think that the hard work is over. But, it’s not. Most new artists will tell you that gaining an audience or fanbase is more difficult than creating.

Whether the creative wants to make a career out of their art, or if they just want join a larger community; the task is harder than you think. Thinking like an artist vs thinking like a business professional are thought to be complete opposites. With anything in the entertainment industry, there has to be a combination of both.

Why new artists struggle to grow audiences

1. Not taking marketing seriously

We get it, marketing is all business and not fun. At least… that is what most people expect. Marketing can be exciting. Think of it this way; you are in charge. You can make marketing anything you want it to be. Run contests, instead of networking think of it as making friends, do anything you would enjoy. If you enjoy it, you are going to draw the people you relate to in and that is your demographic.

2. Only promoting your work on Social Media

If you are only posting your work, your social media profile is instantly a turn off. That comes across as a sales tactic and no one loves that. Your potential (and current) audience want to see a combination of your work, your life, your likes and your personality. Make it fun and relatable. There is a rule of thumb that 80% of your posts should be personal (entertaining & relatable) and the remaining 20% can showcase your work. So before you make that post about your next piece, share something about yourself.

3. Only showing up when there is a new project


4. Expecting success overnight


5. Being inconsistent


6. Not having a consistent brand


7. Not knowing your demographic


8. Not interacting with your current audience


9. Avoiding paid advertising


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